INTOHEAT Ltd Exeter: 10-Year Anniversary

Our story in numbers.

INTOHEAT Ltd Exeter office story began on the 2nd of April 2014 when two of our Directors, Steve Carter and Rob Pammenter, joined the company. From a standing start, and following a successful first year of trading, INTOHEAT Ltd Exeter quickly generated a turnover of £2.5 million – far exceeding our expectations.

Within the first year of business the Exeter office employed 15 team members with 3 company vehicles. Now, we have more than 60 colleagues and 20 vehicles, making us one of the largest independent building services providers in the area.

Where are we now?

Five of our colleagues, who supported the business from day one, are approaching their 10-year anniversary with the business and we are proud to say they are loyal and dedicated team members.

The business has matured organically, and the Exeter team is now delivering in excess of £13 million annually. Over the last ten years, the turnover of the business as a